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Musicians are risk-takers. They are highly adaptable, are comfortable, even thrive, in uncertainty with resilience and grit. They connect international, diverse groups of thought and solve problems. In a word, they are creative.


Cesaroni Consulting and its team of artist-coaches bring these skills, practiced in their ongoing, international careers to the corporate and education sectors. In partnership with Renate Rohlfing, world-renowned pianist and graduate of The Juilliard School and NYU's Music Psychotherapy program, CC has developed adaptable coaching modules balancing practical knowledge with research-based exercises to teach performance, communication and comportment techniques. Through webinars and one-on-one sessions, these include:


  • Breath, vocal use, and stamina

  • Body awareness and mindfulness

  • Presentation and performance

  • Performance psychology

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Deep listening

  • Feedback management


Using active learning, participants come away with practice exercises, pre-performance routines, Zoom checklists and a greater awareness of the self and the body. Follow-up sessions then adapt and deepen these practices.


We create authentic, adaptable and charismatic communicators, in dialogue or

to an audience of thousands.


Cesaroni Consulting works with teams and individuals at Salesforce, Google, EY and Everlane, among others. We also coach the next generation of business leaders in MBA programs at Carleton University and The University of Guelph. The LinkedIn Global Talent Trends Report 2020 cites soft skills such as creativity, communication and interpersonal skills as those highest in demand across myriad sectors. And we teach them with flair! Opera, theatre and classical music are larger-than-life art forms and we balance play and risk with practice and discipline.


From the boards into the boardroom, we teach leaders, teams and students how to stand out.

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