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Originally designed for MBA students at the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, the Conscious Confidence Workshop uses both practical experience from Lucia’s and her collaborator, Renate Rohlfing's international performing careers as well as clinical research in Music Psychotherapy. Through active learning and group exercises created specifically for those outside of the performing arts, students learn better vocal use and stamina, presentation and communication practices, greater body and breath awareness, mindfulness and performance psychology techniques as well as deep listening exercises. These practices create resilience and creativity. 


As opera singer and pianist, Lucia and Renate coax everyone out of their comfort zone and onto their feet, teaching the science of practice and play! Students come away with a Pre-Performance Toolkit detailing breath and vocal warm ups, mindfulness and listening exercises as well as video content for correct practice.


Confidence is a series of skills that can be taught, practiced and mastered, and the leaders of tomorrow learn to employ these skills when it counts. In order to make the New Normal better than the old one, we must first create authentic, adaptable and charismatic communicators! 

Grade 7 Pilot Programs

Inspired by the self-awareness and growth of their executive and MBA coaching clients, Lucia and Renate realized that young people need these skills, too. The more years of practice available, the more confident in speaking, presenting, communicating and performing they will be. Everyone deserves these tools and Cesaroni Consulting has developed pilot programs for Grade 7 students at both all-girls and co-ed schools.

The model consists of group workshop sessions full of active learning, skills introduction and practice along with follow-up, small group sessions to assess individual students' goals and needs and tailor the exercises accordingly. The program functions as digital or hybrid, with workshops either in person or online and follow up sessions conducted remotely.


HR talent trend reports from LinkedIn to Deloitte place communication and ‘soft’ skills at the centre of hiring in this our New Normal. We prepare students for this market with a truly interdisciplinary approach to education and mentorship, bringing risk taking, improvisation, vulnerability...and a little bit of opera, music, and play to the classroom.

For Students

Everyone deserves executive coaching.
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