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the Journey from stage to boardroom

Cesaroni Consulting. Executive Presence Development. Leadership Workshops. Charismatic Communication Training.

Lucia Cesaroni

Be Afraid & Do It Anyway.

HER Story

Lucia brings art and business together…in concert. A renowned soprano and accomplished entrepreneur with dual Italian and Canadian citizenship, she joyfully and intentionally divides her time between the vibrancy of Toronto, New York and the serene embrace of the Abruzzo mountains.


Lucia’s career has graced prestigious stages like the Metropolitan Opera,  Italy's RAI Orchestra Nazionale in Torino and concerts with Andrea Bocelli. As Founder of Cesaroni Consulting, she seamlessly merges her artistic experience and passion with executive coaching, transformative workshops, hosting, inspirational speaking and angel investing. Lucia is also a Director at Cesaroni Management, overseeing a diverse portfolio of investment and development projects.

HER Mission

Lucia Cesaroni tackles projects that align with her values of Community, Commerce, Culture, and Cool. She leads by example, empowering individuals and organizations and teaching the skills and passion she has cultivated on stage. Salesforce, Bell Canada and Google have all harnessed the benefits of her expertise in performance, communication, body awareness, and the delicate art of managing nerves and performance anxiety, as opera singers do.


Lucia also champions cross-cultural business development, leveraging arts to create commerce in Canada and Italy. As "The Face of the Chamber" at the Italian Canadian Chamber of Commerce, in her vibrant collaborations with Lavazza's Italian Contemporary Film Festival and the Distillery District and with her partnerships uniting Villa Charities, the Columbus Centre, Koerner Hall, OCAD, Tapestry Opera and the Royal Conservatory, Lucia builds networking opportunities seamlessly merging culture and commerce, reaffirming her commitment to nurturing profound connections between diverse worlds.

Cesaroni Consulting. Executive Presence Development. Leadership Workshops. Charismatic Communication Training.

HER Method

Lucia is an Evangelist for cultural innovation in Canada, embodying the invaluable contribution of art and artists to the corporate world. Giving back with gratitude for all her two countries have given her, she is President of the Tony Cesaroni Family Foundation, overseeing strategic giving in the arts and healthcare sectors. She also serves as committe member for the Women in Musical Leadership project, creating a pipeline for the mentorship and skills development of the next generation of Evangelist Leaders.


Lucia also writes two, regular columns in Opera Canada Magazine, "Stage Business" and "Essential Perspectives." In these columns, she engages with leaders from diverse backgrounds, extracting valuable insights to address the challenges faced by opera in the 21st century.


Lucia Cesaroni lives by her motto: "Be afraid and do it anyway." 

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