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Exclusive Workshops For Leadership & Charismatic Communication

To Ignite Your Team's Potential

Cesaroni Consulting Opera Inspired Leadership Workshops
Lucia Cesaroni Cesaroni Consulting Executive leadership training and workshops to oversome imposter syndrome and lead with charisma and confidence

Rethink what it means to be an executive, be a performer. 

Exclusive Workshops For Leadership & Charismatic Communication To Ignite Your Team's Potential.

The CESARONI  Approach

Rethink what it means to be an executive, be a performer.

Empower yourself, your team and lead with authenticity and confidence. 

The CESARONI  Approach

Our Executive Coaching program is meticulously designed to elevate leadership effectiveness and drive unparalleled results. This bespoke initiative is a catalyst for honing critical competencies, including time and stress management, delegation, motivation, team management, and holistic professional growth.


Through personalized guidance and tailored strategies, we empower executives to navigate complex challenges with finesse, fostering a profound impact on their leadership prowess and organizational success.

Executive Coaching

Our Corporate Coaching service is the linchpin for driving organizational excellence. Custom-tailored for teams of various levels, it seamlessly melds individual and group coaching to catalyze transformation across various echelons of your organization. By aligning leadership objectives and fostering a culture of continuous growth, we supercharge your team's capabilities, resulting in enhanced performance, innovation, and sustainable success.

Corporate Coaching

Team Coaching is the catalyst for unlocking the full potential of your teams. Our meticulously crafted program targets the enhancement of team dynamics and performance by cultivating collaboration and shared objectives. With a laser focus on strengthening interpersonal relationships and optimizing group synergy, we empower teams to consistently exceed expectations, driving forward cohesive excellence that elevates your organization to new heights.




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Lead by example and inspire a team, a company, an industry. Develop confident, charismatic communicators who think creatively and try new approaches to old problems. Practice skills and tools to present and persuade. Perform under pressure, when it counts.


Lucia’s mastery on stage transforms your leaders into performers. Hers is a diverse and transferable skill set distilled from her international operatic career, which fosters professional growth and resilience. Our workshops teach EQ and Executive Presence ranging from body awareness, presentation, feedback and listening skills to handling performance anxiety. We prepare leaders like opera singers; to find comfort in discomfort and agility in the face of the changing modern workplace. Our offerings include:​​